SecondChance MCAT Prep

Learn how I improved my CARS score from 52% to 98%


Our 4 Step Process


There are only 2 types of passages and 7 types of CARS problems. Your first step is to learn how to identify them.


Your next step is to memorize the specific strategies for interpreting each passage and solving each problem type.


Once you've memorized the strategies, practice them on original AAMC-style CARS passages.


Learn what you did wrong by watching in-depth video breakdowns. Still stuck? Contact us via our contact page.

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    Student Reviews

    “I had no idea that by understanding a few sentences, I’m able to identify the author’s main idea.” – Gaurav

    “I love how Nicholas goes over patterns in sentence structures, question stems, and answer choices.” – Ada

    “Nick’s program also offers extremely valuable motivational advice. I ended up getting an offer from my dream medical school.” – Daniel

    “Plain and simple, using these techniques took my 125 to a 129 within 1 week using AAMC practice material!” – Collin

    “I found Nicholas with only 6 weeks left and jumped up 8 points. UPDATE: I got into medical school!” – Mo

    “I get frustrated with companies that only use easy passages. Nicholas takes tough passages and makes them look easy.” – Jason

    “Nicholas makes the MCAT feel like a game. Seriously. My score improved from 506 to 510 in less than 2 months.” – Amanda

    “This advice beats Kaplan or NextStep. It literally reinvented my thinking and attitude when handling MCAT passages.” – Calvin

    “Nicholas understands my situation of retaking the MCAT better than anyone, because he went through it himself!” – Tanner