Best Majors to Help Prepare You for the MCAT


Having different experiences gives people different advantages. As I shared before, writing more and developing a habit of asking questions helps train self-awareness and critical thinking.

So what about the experiences and majors we study during college? Are their any majors that give an advantage for the MCAT?

Here’s my argument:

I’d say the best degree to prepare you for the MCAT would be a degree in biochemistry with a minor or second major in either philosophy or psychology.

Why biochemistry?

It’s the most relevant topic to not only Biological Sciences but Physical Sciences as well, and it has a high barrier to entry (meaning that biochemistry is not as intuitive as other subjects). So getting through this earlier on will only strengthen you later for the MCAT and medical school.

Why philosophy?

It teaches you how to ask questions and favor reason over rationalization. It makes you more self-aware. For the MCAT, it’s so important to be able to know when you don’t know something. Philosophy teaches you to explore the depth of your ignorance (just how much you don’t know), and it makes you feel comfortable with that ignorance. This translates well in helping you maintain stamina while you study hundreds of concepts for the MCAT.

Why psychology?

There are a lot of terms you need to know for the Behavioral Sciences portion of the MCAT, so having some classes under your belt will only help you.

If you found a way to do all three, you will be primed for the MCAT.

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