6 High Yield MCAT Flashcard Decks

About these flashcards

They were made following the 31 AAMC Content Categories. Don’t worry if your scores are initially 50-60%. You will improve to 85-90% over time. I am providing these flashcards to help you avoid paying for science prep. You don’t need it. Khan Academy has already done a great job teaching the 31 AAMC Content Categories. Use these to test how much content you know.

How to use these flashcards

  1. Make sure you have around 90 minutes to focus.
  2. Select one deck from below.
  3. Click “Options” and make sure the “Answer With” is set to “Definition”.
  4. Click “X”
  5. Read each question, write your answer. Go until completion.
  6. Record your Round 1 score and today’s date. You are now finished!
  7. Go review some of the questions that gave you trouble.
  8. Come back in a few days when you feel ready to try the deck again.
  9. Do this until your Round 1 scores in one sitting improve to 85-90%.

Chem/Phys Level 1

Chem/Phys Level 2

Bio/Biochem Level 1

Bio/Biochem Level 2

Psych/Soc Level 1

Psych/Soc Level 2

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